Assembled Monologue

In 'Assembled Monologue,' the fragments of our lives, seemingly unrelated events scattered across time and space, converge into a profound whole. Just as life's diverse experiences shape our identity and understanding, this collection weaves together thoughts and life lessons from the ordinary, transforming them into a cohesive narrative. Through diverse artistic elements cleverly assembled as a metaphor for this journey, these artworks invite us to witness the assembly of separate pieces into a singular, resonant answer—a reflection of the unity we discover in our own lives.

Sleep Walk #1_Awake in Dreams
About Sleep Walk

I've recently come to a realization that I've been too consumed by fear and worry about the future, so much so that I wasn't really present in the moment. Looking back at most of 2023, it feels like I was in a sleepwalking through life. There were times when I would mechanically follow my family or friends, my body moving but my mind elsewhere, disconnected from my surroundings.

This realization hurt, but I'm glad I came to it, as I see it's a common occurrence in our lives.

This concept is what I hope to capture in my upcoming work: the idea of going through the motions of life without truly living it, and the journey towards awareness and reconnection.

This realization, though painful, has been enlightening. I've noticed that this state of disconnection is not uncommon in our lives. It's this very experience and my awakening to it that will inspire my new series. In these episode(s), I envision portraying myself, or a character representing me, in everyday situations but with a significant twist: the eyes are always closed. This recurring image serves as a metaphor for a lack of presence, a symbol of being physically there but mentally absent.

Awake in Dreams
Awake in Dreams

The paradox of being physically awake but mentally elsewhere...

Sleep Walk #2_The Unseen Dance

Your ethereal dance is beautiful enough to illuminate the world. But asleep, you cannot see the dance you're in now.

About The Unseen Dance

Through this artwork, I wanted to showcase that the life we live daily is inherently beautiful and contributes to the world in significant ways. However, it's unfortunate that many of us, trapped in our thoughts and feelings, fail to realize this. The movements of her, resembling a dance yet also mimicking the sway of a body moved by water's flow, serve as a visual metaphor. This duality reflects the unnoticed beauty and value of moments in our everyday lives. The concept that "life is like swimming in a vast current" is the foundation of this collection, urging a deep reflection on how we find ourselves within the flow of life and recognize the impact of our existence on the world.

This message and vision are powerful and visually rich, capturing the delicate balance between the beauty we embody through our actions and the beauty we often overlook in our daily lives. The artwork invites you to ponder your place within life's grand currents and how to more deeply appreciate and engage with the moments that pass us by.